Resellers want to push the margin-intense accessory business, but sometimes
don't know how to make it happen - especially online.

Many resellers have fancy webshops: a big range of quality products and a
perfect commercial clearing system. But there are many „lost visits“
because the potential customer can not find the correct product for his
specific system.

We offer the solution for you!

Aside from the cross-selling of 100% compatible products the Upgradebox® also
shows generic products which might be needed for this system as well.

But the Upgradebox® does not only help the customer to find the correct
accessory- and upgrade product. The inside sales can use the tool as well to
offer the correct product and to provide an active cross selling to their
customers. This means the sales staff can use their time more efficiently and
satisfy their customers completely. Wasteful searches for options or spare
parts are history in many cases now.

And this is what it is all about: Don't turn your customer away. If you
support them with the smaller demands today the chances they come back to
enquire the next bigger project with you will increase.

The Upgradebox® does not only allow locating products related to A-brand
systems, but contains also a product search for specifications for generic
products like standard memory, notebook bags, NAS systems, etc.

And please mark: Even if the bigger budgets are frozen due to the worldwide
economic downturn, the customers will need more performance. So upgrading the
existing systems should be the argument #1 here.


  • Easy to find a product for a specific system in a webshop
  • Cross-selling of products from cooperating manufacturers
  • Increasing the average order size
  • Better user experience helps to avoid lost visitors
  • Simplifying the accessory / upgrade products purchase process
  • Increase customer satisfaction and reduce product returns
  • External salestool for the endcustomer
  • Additional productsearch for specifications
  • Deep link into the shopping basket or the information page of the reseller shop
  • Internal salestool for the inside sales to optimize consulting and cross-selling
  • Possible reduction of the existing productfinders on a website
  • Total flexibility: Adding or removing product manufacturers, OEM manufacturers or single products can be chosen (some of these choices might require an additional fee)
  • Customer's own part numbers can stay the same and will be converted Upgradebox-internally
  • The reseller does not need to activate all SKUs from a manufacturer to offer the whole portfolio. An enquiry form can be setup to allow the customer to ask for price and leadtime.
  • The 14-language-design (D, UK, FR, IT, ES, NL, PT, CZ, PL, UA, DK, SE, SK, HU)
    allows the Upgradebox® to be used nearly EMEA-wide.

Cross Selling

The Upgradebox® does not only show a product to a customer who is specifically
searching for it. It is shown also as a cross-seller – even if the search
target was originally something else. So the customer gets introduced to new
products which can make sense for his computer system and his upgrade- or
accessory demand as well.

Aside from the cross-selling of 100% compatible products the Upgradebox® also
shows generic products which might be needed for a specific system.


Premium manufacturers, supporting the Upgradebox® MDF-wise, allow us to offer
the Upgradebox® in the basic version (frame-in-frame with premium manufacturers
only) as a free-of-charge-license (sometimes language- and area-dependent).

However if there is the demand of the presence of non-premium-manufacturers it
will require a fee, depending on the effort for setup and maintenance. Also an
API (XML) version and several manufacturer / product add-ons as well as an
advertisement-free version are available for a monthly fee.

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