The Upgradebox® started as a project in 2006. First it should only allow to find
the right legacy upgrade product. But soon it grew based on customer
requirements and additional features and functions have been added.
Today we have a powerful cross-selling-tool with API data transfer- and HTML /
PDF data sheet generating abilities to support any kind of accessory

Many manufacturers have their own web configurators / product finders but no one
uses the strength and the cross-selling abilities of the others to improve their
own presence.

The Upgradebox® is the world-wide first manufacturer- and distributor-independent productfinder for legacy systems.

It is not difficult to find websites providing data for current system generations. But the collection of legacy systems where the real upgrade demand appears is unique. Current systems are listed anyway, but the focus is to cover the post market's demand.

The Upgradebox® can easily be embedded in a website of a reseller shop and be connected to the shopping basket or the product information page.

The basic version (frame-in-frame with premium manufacturers and advertisements) is free of charge for distributors and resellers. The API (XML) version, several manufacturer / product add-ons and an advertisement-free version are available for a monthly fee.

The Upgradebox Team


Konstantin Fröse

Marketing / Sales

+49 / (0)21 91 / 43 79 702
+49 / (0)21 91 / 43 79 703

Thorsten Preuss

Thorsten Preuss

Development / Technical Support

+49 / (0)3 51 / 31 64 99-51
49 / (0)3 51 / 31 64 99-52