Getting Started

We are happy to support you with embedding an Upgradebox® product finder to
your website. This service is also available for resellers using the 3M
privacy selector.

If you have already signed in for an account with us please login on the home
page at the upper right at Customer Login and answer the relevant questions in
the section 'shop connection'.

If not please first apply for a login and answer all questions you can,
especially in the section 'shop connection'.

After we have received your application and reviewed your configuration we
will make contact to you and might ask some additional questions. Then we will
be able to complete our offer for the installation service.

If you are happy to accept our offer we will ask you to setup an account in
your webshop or your website CMS and provide the login details to us.

Then we can access your website and embed the product finder for you.
Once this is done please delete the account you created for us to make sure no
one can access your webshop or website CMS by using this again.

If you rather want to call or eMail us please refer to our contact details.

Installation Service in German / Deutsch


Does the Upgradebox® sell the listed products or prescribe where the reseller
has to buy?
No, this is the reseller's choice. The Upgradebox® just helps the customer or
the sales- and service staff to find the right products. Where and how the
reseller finally buys must not be our issue.

Do I have to pay for the Upgradebox®?
You do not have to pay for using the default version of the Upgradebox®
including the premium manufacturers. The embedding into your Website is free of
charge, even the customization including your own logo, style sheet and even
your manually or automatically imported article numbers comes to you at no

Charges may only apply if you want us to include manufacturers not in the list
of the premium manufacturers or if you want special customizations beyond the
possibilities already included in theUpgradebox®.
Who can help me embedding the Upgradebox® into our website?
Our support can help you embedding the Upgradebox®®. You may want to contact us
for the customization of the Upgradebox® for your website.
Do I have to activate all SKUs listed in the Upgradebox®?
No, again you can choose. There are two possibilities:

1. All SKUs appear in the Upgradebox®, but if not activated yet in your
Websystem the interested customer gets an enquiry form displayed which is send
to the sales for preparing the offer. Advantage: the whole productportfolio is
present but did not cause a high effort yet.

2. Only the SKUs activated in your Websystem will appear in the Upgradebox®.
Disadvantage: Products not activated yet can not be sold.
Do I have to activate all manufacturers listed in the Upgradebox®?
No, the Upgradebox® is very flexible and you can choose. Only the manufacturers
who fit to your portfolio and where your distribution channel is taking proper
care of the delivery can be embedded.
Will the Upgradebox® do the Salesjob for a manufacturer and list in the products
No. The Upgradebox® offers a tool to do so and can help to achieve this. And
working together on accounts can also ease the success. But it is the job of the
manufacturer to let the products be listed in at the reseller.