You - as the responsible person to setup marketing activities in the web - face
the challenge to get the best return of invest. If you arrange a web campaign
and pay per impression or you pay huge amounts for advertising we have good news
for you: We offer the solution to deliver your product information directly to
the Online Point of Sales and allow a huge number of impressions for a small
monthly flat fee.

If an E-tailer has to sell a bigger range of products through the web, a
specific product gets most of the times invisible inbetween of thousands of
other products and the end customer has no chance to find it.

The Upgradebox® is a fantastic tool to open new accounts. If the reseller
(preferably Etailer) has already some of the manufacturers of the Upgradebox®
listed in it, it can ease your task to bring in your new products.


Market Spread

If you present the Upgradebox® which includes your product range and tell your
customers who else is taking part, you might open doors for other manufacturers
as well. And so do they for you!

In other words: a manufacturer community is spreading the tool through the
market helping each other to open customer's doors.

The Upgradebox® is a Multi language-tool (D, UK, FR, IT, ES, NL, DK, SE, PT, PL,
CZ & UA) and allows the usage for customers following EMEA wide strategies.