Welcome to the Upgradebox®

  • Easy to implement product finder
  • XML-based API functions
  • ECAT database for creating localized product data sheets
  • Where-to-Buy functionality on SKU-Level

Finding compatible upgrades has never been easier.

Imagine your customer asks you: 'Why do you always know so quickly and
accurately which products to use for a specific system?'

The answer is simple:
'Because I use the Upgradebox® and you could do the same!'

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Why using Upgradebox?

Resellers want to push the margin-intensive accessory business, but sometimes don't know how to make this happen - especially online.

Many resellers have fancy web shops, a big range of quality products and a
perfect commercial clearing system. But there are many lost visits because the
potential customer can not find the correct product for his specific system.

We offer the solution for you!

Aside of the cross-selling of 100% compatible products the Upgradebox® also
shows generic products which might be needed for this system as well.

Please also visit our Demo and try out our Upgradebox® product finder.


These vendors use the Upgradebox:

How it works

Example 1: Get all components for a specific system

Choose manufacturer

Step 1: Choose manufacturer

Choose model group

Step 2: Choose model group

Choose system

Step 3: Choose system

Component list

Result: Component list

Example 2: Filter components

Choose product category

Step 1: Choose product category

Filter for attributes

Step 2: Filter for attributes

Component list

Result: Component list